Projector screens, wine, cheese and treadmills are just a few things on Jay Krigsman’s mind these days. The executive vice president for Krausz Companies, which is a joint owner of the Gramercy in the southwest part of the Valley, is in the midst of a lease and letter-of-intent maelstrom. But it should all pay off in the spring with plenty of live-work-players at the new community, which is being billed as an “urban village.”

To date, Krausz has leased about two-thirds of the 200,000 square feet of office space at the former Manhattan West recessionary casualty. The three main tenants are custom homebuilder Touchstone Living, Regus office suites and HDI (Health Data Insights), a medical and financial services company. HDI currently has some employees on-site, and hiring is under way. Regus and Touchstone are building out their spaces.