Vegas Seven

Then:  Holly Steeley was an aerialist for Le RêvePhantom-The Las Vegas Spectacularand Storm from 1999-2013.
Now:  Owner of Holley’s Cuppa coffee shop in the Mountain’s Edge community.

Since bringing home her first paycheck at age 16, Steeley had always socked away a good portion of her earnings for a rainy day. So after being turned down over and over for a small business loan—Would you loan money to an aerialist with little off-stage experience and no business degree?—Steeley decided it was time to make her own rain. She pulled out her savings and racked up credit-card debt to open the specialty coffee shop she had long wanted to launch. “I probably did everything you’re not supposed to do, but I had to,” Steeley says. “Whatever I did for a second career, it had to be something I was passionate about. Entertainers are lucky, because we get paid to do something we truly love. I couldn’t face giving that up.”